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Corporate Retirement Plan Services

Retirement Plan Consulting

We serve as independent trusted advisors to Plan Sponsors who must manage their company’s retirement plan processes. Whether you are in need of comprehensive assistance with plan design and investments, conducting your next RFP, or developing a better understanding of how service providers operate and the associated fees, our team of retirement plan professionals can help. We can help you make challenging retirement plan decisions with confidence, and document the process along the way.

Independent ERISA Fiduciary Services

The most fundamental duty of ERISA Plan Fiduciaries is the duty of complete loyalty, under 29 U.S.C. 1104(a)(1)(B), to insure that they discharge their duty solely in the interest of the plan participants and beneficiaries. A fiduciary must meet a “prudent man” standard to act with care, skill, prudence and diligence. The role of ERISA Fiduciary requires a high level of expertise, and the person serving in that role can be held personally liable for plan decisions. When we serve as your Independent ERSIA Fiduciary, we take our duty seriously and acknowledge our fiduciary status in writing.

Advanced Plan Design Assistance

Many employers would benefit from a plan design that takes into account the unique demographics of their work force. Plan design is the process of developing a plan (and its provisions) to suit each company’s owner and employee needs. Questions to consider in plan design: Are there many highly-paid individuals at my company? What are the general ages of my employees? Do I want to offer a matching contribution? Do I want to offer a profit sharing contribution? What level of contribution can my company afford? All of these questions and more go into an advanced plan design and our advisors can walk you through the steps necessary to arrive at a design as unique as your needs.

Vendor Analysis & Search

In today’s environment it is critical for Plan Sponsors to know the answers to questions such as: Which investment vendors are we paying? What services are we receiving? What are the associated fees? And are these fees reasonable given the level and quality of the services received? Our financial advisors will provide you with answers to these critical questions. We can measure the effectiveness of an existing vendor or engage in a search for an alternative — even help you write an RFP. Our independent approach and commitment to transparency allows you to provide the best possible retirement offerings available from the marketplace today.

Investment Due Diligence

Plan Sponsors are faced with a daunting task when it comes to monitoring investments within a qualified retirement plan. This task is even more challenging without a well crafted Investment Policy Statement (IPS) — a written document that provides meaningful direction to trustees and decision makers regarding the selection, monitoring, and replacement of investment options. We assist Plan Sponsors with the IPS preparation, utilizing a proprietary scoring system to rank and benchmark investment managers for consideration under the guidelines of the IPS. We follow sound fiduciary practices and fully document the process.

Participant Education Services

We can take the headache of ERISA-compliant employee retirement plan communications and education and turn them into a Human Resources asset. Our retirement plan consultants can develop customized education programs to meet the unique needs of your company’s workforce. We measure effectiveness annually to ensure progress towards stated goals and objectives, and evolve the program from year to year as your employees gain a greater understanding of the key issues and drivers of retirement success.

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