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Individual Client Services

Financial Planning

Eldridge Investment Advisors can help you define your financial and life goals based upon your resources, risk profile and lifestyle, and then detail a balanced and realistic financial plan to help meet those goals. We guide you through this process helping you understand how each financial decision affects your overall financial goals, and can also help you adapt your plan to life changes such as marriage, children, divorce, planning for college, and more.

Asset Management

Based on your financial goals and risk profile, our senior client portfolio management team provides professional management of your assets. We work closely with you in order to implement prudent strategies in line with your objectives, and monitor them on an ongoing basis. As independent financial advisors, and through our partnership with LPL Financial, we have the commitment and capability to act solely in your best interest with the flexibility and lack of bias to choose only those investments that best address your needs.

Retirement Planning

Understanding how much income your investments will provide you in retirement is no easy matter. Our advisors will help you develop a realistic picture of your retirement income potential and design a plan to help you maximize it, including sources such as social security or an employer-based retirement plan. Knowing how factors such as taxes and inflation impact retirement income also plays a critical role in the planning process. We provide the valuable insight so you can plan accordingly.

Education Planning

The costs associated with primary and secondary education continue to soar in this country, making the need for education planning ever more prevalent. Whether considering 529 College Savings Plans, or some other form of custodial account, our advisors will help you make the best decision for your investment. From determining the right account structure to properly funding it, we work with you through myriad choices and help you effectively address this most important financial goal.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Proper financial planning includes assessing all possible risks to cash flow, income, and standards of living. It is inherent in our responsibility as your advisor to point out any risks to your financial future. Whether through your current insurance carrier, or with our assistance, we can demonstrate how insurance plays an important role in your and your family’s financial security. We represent no insurance companies and sell no proprietary insurance products, and are therefore free to search the entire industry to recommend the best fit possible.

Tax Planning

The reduction of tax liabilities where applicable, and the freeing up of cash flows for other purposes, are important pieces of your overall financial success. We are, therefore, willing and eager to maintain dialogue with your accounting and tax professionals to ensure continuity across your plan. Tax planning plays a critical role towards long-term financial independence and our seasoned professionals are experienced in tax-sensitive and tax-deferred investments.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a critical step involved in the financial planning process — planning for the conservation and distribution of assets in line with stated objectives, and making sure your assets pass efficiently to those you intend. Wills, trusts and powers of attorney, just to name a few, are tools to assist in meeting those objectives. We work with your estate planning professionals to ensure assets are properly held and managed in accordance with the estate plan. Each situation is unique and our resources have significant experience working with larger estates.

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